Bil Arabi, An original feature length documentary, is a hybrid of digital user-generated content and on-street filming. Based on answering a series of personal and social questions, this film sees a cross-section of young Arabs being interviewed and for the first time ever been given a platform to air their personal thoughts in such a public manner.
Filmed in 14 different cities across the region, he film captures voices from the chaotic cityscapes of Cairo and Beirut through to the gleaming skyscrapers of Dubai all the way to the bleak urban desolation of Damascus."
Revealing far more than their answers, we connect and empathize with our contributor’s characters, who fill this movie with beautiful and thought-provoking insights. And while shot in a cinematic style, Bil Arabi remains grounded in a series of human truths packed with hopes, fears and aspirations of young modern Arabs.

Whatc the full film HERE
Awards: FILM GRAND PRIX - Dubai Lynx 2018
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