In an unparalleled collaboration with Media Monks, we pioneered MENA’s first truly player-centric hybrid event. This innovative experience bridged the digital and physical realms, inviting fans from MENA to engage in a unique competition. Online participants had the chance to plant and activate the spike, while on-site players faced the thrilling challenge of defusing it in time. Additionally, online players wielded the power to sabotage and influence the live events directly through Twitch Chat.

The interactive event featured four main challenges: diffusing 'the Spike' via mobile phones and navigating through immersive agent-themed obstacles, including Omen's Maze, Cypher's Laser Traps, and Phoenix's Flames. Notably, the event welcomed influencers and players from Dubai and Cairo, transforming it into a vibrant community gathering.

Spanning approximately three hours each day, the event was a testament to the seamless collaboration between the Media Monks team, led by Travis Craw, and the Riot Dubai team. Together, they achieved a remarkable industry first.

My Role: Creative Brand Manager representing Riot and the VALORANT IP. 

Key Visual 

Event floor plan. 


ANAS ALHAKIM. Singapore. 2024