Nokia Student Code Developer
Recruiting the region’s brightest tech students by speaking in a language only they understand.

Nokia wanted to recruit the region’s brightest tech graduates by encouraging them to register for an app development competition.

These students actually have their own, very unique language, which they speak in every day. Computer code.

We placed a poster around university campuses written in a code that only they could understand. To the average observer it looked like a regular ad with a techy twist, but to these programmers it was actually a set of instructions,encouraging them to run the code in their own computers. Once these students ran the code, it automatically opened the Nokia UAE Facebook page in their browser, where they were rewarded with an invitation to join the competition.

The ads ran at 7 universities, our target was 100 respondents.
In the first week alone we received over 500 applicants.
A unique way to filter through applicants without the need for a single interview.

1x Silver 2x Bronze Mena Crystal
Shortlist Dubai Lynx
Shortlist PIAF
2nd place Best print of the year, Campaign Magazine.
ANAS ALHAKIM. Singapore. 2024