Client // Lenovo
Creative Agency // OgilvyOne MEMAC
Production/Post Production Company // ELº Films

A series of short clips that tells the story of how the 'YOGA 900' Laptop fits into the target demographics’ lifestyle.
Each story highlighted certain key features of the laptop, from its size, weight and ability to flip into different modes. The aim of each story is to portray how the laptop fits seamlessly into one's lifestyle, hence the title 'The Perfect Match'

Filmed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Nikki Beach

Director: Pabz Alexander
Agency: MEMAC Ogilvy // OgilvyOne UAE
Client: Lenovo Middle East
DOP: Duncan Kemp
Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Production Assistant: Rory Cavanagh
Production Assistant: Csilla Tornallyay
Make Up: Rochelle Breedt
Stylist/Wardrobe: Sacha Shaw
Art Director: Anas AlHakim (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Executive Producer: Benjamin Schwartz (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Editing/Post Production/Colour Grading: ELº Films
Music Composition: Jesse Roth
Kit: RED EPIC with Arri Ultra Prime Lens Kit
Special thanks to all of the Nikki Beach Club Team.

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