Ramadan is a time for self reflection, generosity and family time but these days people spend more time on their smartphones than with their families.
For migrant workers, mobile phones are the only way to connect with their families back home. In Ramadan 2016, Lenovo wanted to address these contrasting problems.
During Ramadan in 2015/16, social media usage in the Middle East increased by 38%.
[ Source: Global Web Index and YouGuv ]

We created Hadia Time - a free mobile app, powered by Lenovo that encouraged and incentivised people to put down their smartphones and spend more quality time with their families.
For every minute their phones stayed locked, Lenovo turned those minutes into data, and gave it to those who needed it most. The more time they spent with their families the more time others got to spend with theirs.

- Number one Lifestyle App during Ramadan 2016.
- 31,235 downloads in one month.
- Public locked their phones for 2,855,984 million minutes. - That’s a total of 5.4 years of family time donated.
- 5,127,035 million online views.
- PR generated 21,300,000 million impressions.
- Shared value raised brand love with consumers.


1x Gold in Mobile @DubaiLynx
4x Silver
1x Bronze

Lenovo Hadia Time Case Study from Anas Al Hakim on Vimeo.

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